• I started writing Viral on December 4, 2015. I finished the first draft today: March 25, 2017. Now it’s time to edit, revise, revise, and revise some more!


• My most recent personal essay, “No Trick: A Thousand Treats,” appears in the Nov/Dec issue of Fairfield Magazine. You can read it by clicking here.

• Congratulations to my friend Tochi Onyebuchi, whose debut novel for Razorbill/Penguin is coming out soon. You can read more here.


• My new album is called Split. You can listen to the first track, “Is This Song Good Enough?”, by clicking here. (I’ve also posted an instrumental version; that can be found here.) You can listen to the second track, “Sucker MCs,” by clicking here(And here’s the instrumental version.)

• Each winter for the past few years, I’ve made my Christmas single, “Come Over to My House,” available as a free download from my website. This winter is no different. You can download it by clicking here. (It’s no “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”, but that’s probably a good thing for your sanity and for mine.)

• Two songs on Ben Gott, my new self-titled ambient and instrumental E.P., are featured on two compilations released by Geltube Records in Memphis. In addition, several songs from the album will be featured, in promotional materials and on the “big screen,” as part of a campaign to restore the London State Theater in London, Ohio. Their grand opening was July 31st, and they’re still going strong; you can visit their website for more details.

• My most recent scholarly article, “The Curious Case of ‘The Bronze Buckaroo’: Race and National Identity In The ‘Singing Cowboy’ Westerns of Herb Jeffries,” has been published by Southwestern American Literature, the quarterly publication of the Center of the Study of the Southwest at Texas State University. You can order a copy by clicking here and requesting Vol. 40, No. 1, or you can read or download a copy by clicking here.

• My new, self-titled ambient and instrumental E.P.Ben Gott, is available on Bandcamp. Click here to listen and download.

• My Christmas single, “Come Over To My House (It’s Christmas),” is available, yet again, for free. You can download it by clicking here.


• If you’ve found yourself with some free hard drive space after deleting the new U2 album, why don’t you fill it up with a high-quality, Apple Lossless version of my album Class Dismissed? You can buy it from Bandcamp by clicking here.

• Take Warning, my first full-length young adult novel, is finished!: The next step is to try to convince agents and publishers that it’s worth their time. To find out more about Take Warning, and about the writing process, click here.

• Summertime, and the living is…easy? What am I up to this summer? Well, it’s a lot of the usual—watching movies, going to the beach, hanging out—but I’m also continuing work on Take Warning, my first full-length novel, and beginning work on Safe Harbor, an acoustic album of all-new material. (Do you sense a nautical theme here?)

• Pequot Library Discussion: I led a discussion entitled “Masculinity, Race, and the American Dream: The Cultural Relevance of Death of a Salesman and A Raisin in the Sun” at the Pequot Library in Southport, Conn. on Friday, June 20th. Click here for details.

• Fairfield IMAGES 2014: One of my photographs, “Hi-Ho Motel,” has been chosen from more than 900 submissions for the Fairfield Museum and History Center’s sixth annual IMAGES 2014 exhibit. Find out more about IMAGES 2014 by clicking here, and see more photographs by clicking here.

• Gott music?: I’ve posted six albums: 1999‘s Roomful of Losers, 2005’s The Paine Road E.P., 2008’s In the Morning: The Songs of Babybird, 2008’s Bloom, and both volumes (1 & 2) of Live from the iSight Studio. They are available for download for free on the “Albums” page.

• Feeling synthy?: I recorded a cover of XTC’s “Making Plans for Nigel” almost entirely on a Yamaha DX7. (Vintage is in this year.) Listen for free by clicking here, and check out more tunes by exploring the “Musician” tab above.

• Fairfield University’s “Celebrating American Studies” conference: I presented my paper on Herb Jeffries’ “all-black singing Westerns” (see below) at the second annual “Celebrating American Studies” conference at Fairfield University on March 8th. You can find out more about the conference by clicking here.

• More upcoming writing: My article on Herb Jeffries’ “all-Black singing Westerns” has been accepted for publication in Southwestern American Literature, a journal published by the Center for the Study of the Southwest at Texas State University.


• Two of my recent articles have been published this winter! Look for “Right Notes” in the “Holiday 2013” issue of Fairfield Magazine (click here to read) and “Writing the Past: Using Poetry to Explore Family History” in the December/January issue of Teachers & Writers Magazine (click here to read.)