Split CoverSplit
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Split will be available in 2017.

New CoverBen Gott
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This 5-track E.P. is full of beautiful ambient compositions and based entirely on improvised material.

cdism-hires-mockupClass Dismissed
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This 2008 album contains Beatlesque pop songs like “Remember Brian Wilson,” New Jack barnstormers like “(It’s Always) About You,” and Randy Newman/Scritti Politti pastiches like “The Words Were High.”

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This 2008 E.P. contains my favorite songs—”See the Light” and “Oh Yeah”—as well as “Gangsta Rap” and “Bee-Line Kind” and covers of “Drive” and “Everybody Move It.” Contains digital booklet.

In the Morning CoverIn the Morning: The Songs of Babybird
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Covers of Stephen Jones songs include “Wave Your Hands,” “Hatesong,” “Man’s Tight Vest,” and “Steam Train.” Contains digital booklet.

Paine Road Digital BookletThe Paine Road E.P.
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Original songs include “You, Your Mom, and Her Friends,” “Everyone Knows It’s Right,” and “The Science That We’re Made Of”; covers include “St. Swithin’s Day.” Contains digital booklet.

ROLRoomful of Losers
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A critically-acclaimed “hometaper” release includes “Another Kitchen,” “The Trouble,” and several instrumentals. Contains digital booklet.